Team Flower Workshop Part II: Finding Our Roots

Team Flower Workshop was purposefully geared for attendees at all stages of floral artistry.  Each hands-on station taught tips of the trade for business owners at all levels.  It included money-saving tips on building installations to time-saving tips on hiring freelancers to pre-made garland for those who had the higher budgets.  Each attendee gained something different from each session.  The centerpiece hands-on stations were also purposefully set up so each designer could focus on her arrangement with a backdrop of a white wall or window as opposed to arranged in front of another designer's piece. 

Kelly reminded us to focus on our own style and craft rather than distracting ourselves with constant envy of others' work, fear of incorrect methods, etc.  Kelly's team introduced us to their own tried and true techniques and told us to try them out and take what worked best for ourself rather than focusing on learning the "correct" way.  The emphasis was on first learning the principles of design and rule of thirds.  Once learned and perfected, then we were encouraged to creatively break them.  After all, creative design is intuitive and organic in nature... rather than just a formula.

After the first day to our surprise the Team Flower Workshop team styled a spring-inspired dinner on the patio of the arboretum.  What a perfect setting to relax and take in the moment and breathe the fresh mountain air.  The dinner's theme was "Roots That Go Deep," in order to understand our own personal path, style, and purpose.  Here are a few favorite photos from Holly Carlisle that I just had to share with you!  Just looking at these takes me back!

Team Flower Workshop 2015 evening dinner in the gardens at the North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, NC.  Centerpiece styling by Marianne Caldwell of Riveroaks.  Photo by Holly Carlisle.

The theme of the dinner discussed the importance of acknowledging our strong and deep roots.  Where we've come from... What we've been through..., so that we may spring forward with strength in pursuing our goals and sharing our talents. 

From Kelly Perry, "Each of these plates represents a beautiful soul, a soul that brings me the same kind of comfort and rest the trees do.  Like the trees, they stay through all seasons.  Their roots are deep.  Their kindness keeps them green through drought.  While nagging thoughts may come and tell them otherwise, a focused mind keeps them sure.  And in those fleeting moments where focus is lost, there are lots of others in place to remind them."  She wished us all strong roots that go down deep to enable us joy in the blossoms and fruit that will follow.

I just loved being inspired by these spring veggies from Whole Foods and a local nursery in Asheville.  The earthiness of the centerpieces paired with amber glass votives and food catered by Jo Dee of Savory Thyme Catering created an enchanting woodland feel that made the experience unforgettable and so meaningful to us all.

Centerpiece styling by Marianne Caldwell of Riveroaks.  Photo by Holly Carlisle.

I just loved the spring onions that stretched along the center of the table and created a linear contrast against the soft, patterned white linen.  Centerpiece styling by Marianne Caldwell of Riveroaks.  Photo by Holly Carlisle.

The organic look was put together by grouping similar vegetables in mostly odd numbers in ceramic bowls and earthy pots.   Photo by Holly Carlisle

Stay tuned for Team Flower Workshop Part III:  Light as a Feather.  For details on this dinner visit Kelly's post on Team Flower's website.